Tourism in Billawar

Tourism is the backbone of economy in Billawar of Jammu Kashmir. The area is the part of hilly region in Kathua district. Due to its beautiful landscapes and religious attractions, many tourists visit this area during different parts of year. It has historical existence that is believed to be as old as the epic time of Mahabharata. Since then, Billawar had its share of chronological events.

Religious Tourism in Billawar

The most important among are ancient temples built during the past times. These temples have opened newer avenues of tourism in this region. Also, the lush greenery and mountainous terrains of this tehsil attract the travelers from different parts of world. The excellent connectivity of this place also fosters better tourism opportunities for this destination.

Religious Attractions in Billawar

Billawar is certainly a holy place with many spots of religious importance. Most of these are related to the Hindus. These temples are not only the strong hold of spiritual beliefs, but they also display the remarkable architecture of bygone era. Main religious spots in Billawar are:

Mahabilwakeshwar Temple

This is a magnificent old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is exactly located in Mooni village on the banks of Bhini River in this tehsil. It has very elegant and unique lingam formations that attract devotees in large numbers to this temple. However, the temple is equally famous for its architectural magnificence. Read More Here.

Religious Places to See in BillawarSukrala Mata Temple

At the whopping elevation of 3500 feet above the sea level, famous Sukrala Mata Temple of Billawar is visited by pilgrims from all parts of country.

The temple is dedicated to Mata Mal Devi who is locally believed to be the incarnation of Mata Sharda Devi.

It was built by Madho Singh, who was an exiled prince from neighboring state of Himachal Pradesh. Flight of many steps takes the devotees to the temple complex.

Peer Baba

This religious place is also called as Varun Devta by the local people. It is situated on the banks of Ujh River. The place is thronged by devotees throughout the year.


This destination is located on the banks of River Naj. It is religious place with about 320 natural springs found here. The place also has revered temple of Mata Mal Rani located quite close.

Religious Tourism in Billawar

Hanuman’s Statue

In Billawar, there is a huge statue of Lord Hanuman. It is built on a big rock inside the shores of River Naj.

The place has both religious significance and natural beauty to attract the tourists.

Shiva Temple in Mooni

This temple on the banks of River Bhini was established by Swami Purangir ji Maharaj.

Other Religious Places in Billawar

Some other religious spots in Billawar are:

  • Huttar Temple
  • Durga Temple of Kohag
  • Amar Pinak Shiv Temple
  • Sacred Heart Church in Phinter
  • Parnala Mandir
  • Sheetla Mata Temple
  • Bhaddu Shiva Temple
  • Ringri Mata Temple

Natural Attractions in Billawar

This area in Kathua district also has many natural places to visit. These places are admirable for their untouched beauty. Some of these natural places in Billawar are:


It is a ridge situated at the height of 5000 ft above sea level. It is densely covered with deodar and Chir Pine along with thick shrubs. It is located 30 km from Billawar and regular buses are available between the two destinations.

Natural Attractions to See in Billawar


It is serene hillock on Udhampur-Dhar Road in this region. It was a small state found by Raja Narsingh Dev in 13th century. Later on, Raja Suchet Singh named it as Ramkote during his reign.

How to Reach Billawar

Billawar is located along NH 1A in Jammu Kashmir. It is quite easily connected with other parts of state by the network of roads. Regular buses are available from Billawar to cities like Jammu, Kathua, Katra, Udhampur, Bashohli, and Pathankot.

How to Reach Billawar by Road

The city does not have its own railway station. The nearest rail head for Billawar is Jammu Tawi Railway Station at distance of 76 km. Local transport includes Matador vans that are easily available here.

Best Time to Visit Billawar

Billawar has typical sub tropical climate. The climate of this region is largely affected by the nearby streams. While summers are moderately hot, winters are chilling cold here. The best time to visit this town is the summer season, when temperature is enjoyable, especially, if you are fond of outdoor activities.

Where to Stay in Billawar

The area does not have too many hotels and other accommodations to stay. Generally, it is visited for short duration, sometimes spanning just one day. As such, tourists can stay at government guest houses and PWD Dak Bungalow when in Billawar.

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